How To Take Apart a Sectional Sofa

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Sofas and couches are must-have things in one’s house. But it might be somehow difficult for people to have sofas or couches with small spaces. Sofas and couches provide a great ambiance and can work as a focal point for your space. But are you also worried about having sofas in a small space? Don’t worry! You have landed in a right place.  

We have a wonderful idea for you. You must opt for sectional sofas if you are having small space for placing sofas in your house. Sectional sofas are a great fit for small places as they are customizable and can be taken apart according to your needs.  

These sofas are often stylish, compact, and provide great ambiance and aesthetics to your space. If you want your space to look welcoming then you must incorporate sectional sofas in your house. They are easy to adjust and provide a more comfortable and relaxed look than any other standard sofas.  

But some people find it confusing and difficult to take apart a sectional sofa. In this regard, we have answered the question “how to take apart a sectional sofa?” in this ultimate guide. In this guide, we will guide the step-by-step procedure of taking apart a sectional sofa.  

Step by Step Guide: How to Separate a Sectional Sofa

The process of taking apart a sectional sofa is divided into two main parts. The first part concentrates on disassembling the sofas whereas the other part consists of rearranging the sectional sofas. Now let’s quickly jump into the guide for more detailed guidance.  

Part 1: Disassembling the Sofas 

The first part will guide you all on how to disconnect your sectional sofa. Are you ready? Let’s get started.  

  1. Take Off All the Cushions 

The first step is to remove all the cushions from your sectional sofa. The cushion provides comfort and relaxation to your sofa. Moreover, they are a great source of creating wonderful aesthetics and ambiance. This step is important as these cushions can become a hurdle in your way when you are pulling apart your sectional sofas.  

Some sectional sofas are manufactured in a way that they have specific and particular cushions for every part of the sectional sofa. Always try to remember which cushion belongs to which area. You can also mark the identification keys on the cushions and the particular part of the sectional sofa. This will help you in rearranging the sectional sofa easily and properly.  

Sometimes the sofas have built-in or permanently attached cushions in them. If this is your case, then you must push the cushions as much as possible to find the hidden handles of the sectional couch to take them apart.  

If you are removing the cushions for the sectional sofa, always remember to keep them apart so you will be not trapped by them.  

  1. Find the Focal Point of Your Sectional Sofa 

Usually, the sectional sofas meet at their focal point which is the square corner piece. You need to find that focal point to take apart your sectional sofas. The sectional sofa is connected in a frame of course. You just need to concentrate on that frame to find its connecting points.  

Once you got the connecting points, it will be very easy for you to take apart your sectional sofa. And always remember to get rid of cushions before starting the whole process. A bare sectional sofa will be easier to understand and to find its connecting points.  

Sometimes sectional sofas have a hardware connector. So always ensure to read the user manual and gather all the tools before starting the whole procedure. This will help you in disconnecting your sectional sofa easily.  

  1. Lift Up Your Sectional Sofa 

The next step is to lift up straight your sectional sofa. You can do this by finding the lip or handle which is located at the side of your sectional sofa connector. If your sectional sofa connector has a plastic lip, then you should place your finger in that lip and lift your sectional sofa straight up.  

In this way, the main focal point of your sofa will be detached from the other parts of your sectional sofa. Sometimes, the sectional sofas don’t have handles or lips to lift them up. In this case, you can just find the most stable edge of your sectional sofa’s focal point and lift it straight up to detach it from other parts.  

However, except for lips and handles, different sectional sofas have different kinds of disconnecting sources. Some may have clasps while some may have hooks that disconnect the sectional sofas easily.  

But always make sure to check if your sectional sofa disconnects properly from its other part before moving it apart. If the sectional sofa is not properly disconnected to its other half then there are high chances of it getting torn or ripped.  

  1. Check the Other Sections Disconnection As Well 

Usually, the sectional sofas have only three pieces, but in some cases or for large spaces there are sectional sofas with multiple pieces. If this is your case, then you must make sure to check whether all the pieces are properly disconnected or not. This step is very important as it reduces the risk of your sectional sofa being torn or getting damaged in any way.  

In any case, if you don’t know how many pieces your sectional sofa can be taken apart, then do consider the sofa’s user manual provided by the manufacturer. And if somehow, you have lost the manual then try finding it on the internet by mentioning the model and brand of your sectional sofa. But it is a wise action to always keep the user manual safely with you to avoid any misconception.  

For detaching your sectional sofas, you can also look out for potential gaps. Once you find all the potential gaps then it will be easy for you to understand how many pieces your sofa will be divided into.  

Hurray! Your sofa is disassembled now and ready for some new settings and some good transformations.  

Part 2: Rearranging the Sectional Sofas for New Transformations 

The second part is to rearrange your sectional sofa either in the same way they are before or in a new way. Let’s dig the guide more to know how to rearrange or reassemble your sectional sofas. Shall we?  

  1. Make Selection Between Reconnecting the Sectional Sofas And Leaving Them Separate 

The best thing about sectional sofas is they are easily convertible into your desired style. You can also say that these sectional sofas can be easily transformed according to your needs or desires. So the first step while rearranging your sectional sofas is to decide in which style you want your sectional sofas to be.  

Do you want to keep every piece separate to cover more space and looked comfier? Or do you want to rearrange them all together to make them suit your small space and provide your space with a more relaxed and open look?  

Sometimes setting in a square may get awkward if you are having guests in your house. How may you suppose to talk to a person sitting exactly near your face? It may have somehow become awkward. So if you have space in your room and have guests then you might opt for keeping the sectional sofas apart.  

You can also create a beautiful and cozy atmosphere by placing the smaller pieces of the sectional sofa around the coffee table and using the larger piece like a couch. However, there are lot more ideas to arrange a sectional sofa in your house having small space for couches or sofas.  

  1. Find the Connector on the Sofa 

After deciding how you want to arrange your sectional sofa in your living room, now it is time to find the connectors of your sectional sofas. Remember how detaching of any type of connector or handle is similar?  

However, reconnecting them isn’t similar at all. You must need to know all the ways that can be used to reconnect different types of connectors of your sectional sofas. Let’s find out the different ways of connecting different types of connectors. 

  • Sliding Connectors 

You may have sliding connectors at the side of your sectional couches. They can be easily seen when the sections are detached.  

For this type of connector, one side slides into the other half to reconnect the sectional sofa again. These connectors are also known as hook-socket connectors.  

  • Snap Connectors 

Another type of connector is the snap connector. They are placed under the couches. So you do not need to find them, they are just underneath your sectional sofa. They consist of two parts, i.e., the fork and the pin.  

You can just notice the fork as it can be seen poking out from the sofa. Well, the fork gets snapped into the pin on the other price of the sectional sofa to get it connected properly.  

  1. Slide or Snap the Pin and Forks into Their Another Half 

After finding which type of connector your sectional couches are having, now it’s time to connect them properly in order to rearrange or reassemble your sectional sofas. As we have discussed above that there are two types of connectors. The ways to connect these connectors are also different. So now let’s explore how these connectors got attached to properly connects your sectional sofas.  

If you are having sliding connector pins, then the hook needs to slide into the pin from the top. For this purpose, you need to lift your sectional sofa straight up in the air and then slide the hook into its other half. This will connect your two pieces of the sectional sofa to form a single-piece couch.  

Are you worried about how you will lift the sectional sofa if you are all alone? Don’t worry! For taking you out from this problem, the sectional sofas usually have hooks on the corner pieces. So it will be convenient for everyone to lift it up. Even a woman can lift it up easily to connect the sectional sofas.  

Now let’s move to the other option which is snap connectors. For this type of connector, the pin has to be slid into the fork section. So first, you need to locate the fork part in your sectional sofa. It is the easiest way to connect the sectional sofa.  

After locating the fork section, place the two pieces of the side of the sectional sofa by side connecting their backs, and then push the fork side sofa towards the pin side piece. As soon as you hear the sound of a snap, you are done connecting them.  

In this type of connector, the pin is not visible only you can see the fork of the connector. So to make sure you connect it properly, it is compulsory to place the backs of sofas side by side.  

However, if you do not hear the sound of a snap after pushing the sofas together, then it is a clear indication that you have missed the pin of the connector. Try again by placing the backs properly side by side.  

If somehow, you are again unable to connect the fork and the pin of the sectional sofa, then try to find the pin visually by using some light source. You can probably use the flashlight on your phone to find the pin and connect it visually. 

  1. Place the Cushions 

The final step is to place the cushions again on the sectional sofa. However, if your sectional sofas have specific cushions for every particular area, then try to find the specific points and place the cushions properly to avoid any inconvenience and discomfort.  

After placing the cushions in their specified places, your sectional sofa is not ready to use. Enjoy your movie with a cup of coffee and a bowl full of popcorn or entertain your guests in the best way possible on your comfy and compact sectional sofas.  


To summarize this ultimate guide, we have jotted down the points for your ease and for handy usage.  

Dislocating the Sectional Sofa 

  1. Remove all the cushions from your sectional sofa to avoid any hindrance and to clearly see the frame of your sectional sofa. 
  1. Find the square piece cushion to know the focal point of connection of your sectional sofa 
  1. For dislocating them lift up your sectional sofa. 
  1. Repeat step number three for every piece of your sectional sofa 

Reassembling the Sectional Sofa 

  1. The first step is to decide the way in which you want to place your sectional sofas.  
  1. The next step is to locate the connector to connect your sectional sofa. 
  1. After understanding the type of connector, slide or snap them to connect the sofas together. 
  1. The final step is to place the cushions and enjoy. 

Hope you foundd this guide helpful and informative.  

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