How to Clean a Gaming Chair – The Ultimate Guide

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Are you a gamer? Then you must know the importance of how to clean a gaming chair. We mostly heard that gamers are very possessive when it comes to their gaming accessories. And the most important gaming accessory for any gamer is its gaming chair

Gaming chairs are usually very expensive, and it is important to keep your gaming chair in its tip-top condition to keep its comfortability and performance in an optimal state. However, it is difficult, confusing, and time-consuming to clean your gaming chair to maintain its quality and comfortability.  

So, you must ensure to set up the cleaning session of your gaming chair every next week. This will prevent your chair from getting very dirty and cleaning will be much easier with these daily and early sessions.  

But WAIT! Are you confused about where to start cleaning your gaming chair? Don’t worry! You have landed at the right place. In this ultimate guide, we will take you on the interesting journey of cleaning your gaming chair.  

In general, the cleaning of a gaming chair depends on the type of chair you are having. It probably includes the material of the chair, the fabric used on it, etc. Usually, when you buy a gaming chair, the proper guide for cleaning the chair from the manufacturer comes with it.  

But if you are still confused don’t worry! We will provide you the step by step guide for cleaning your beloved gaming chair. Some common methods to clean any type of gaming chair are: 

  • Vacuuming, 
  • Washing the cover with clean and warm water to remove any dirt and germs, 
  • Use a suitable cleaning solution for more intense cleaning, 
  • Scrubbing the casters 

Step by Step Guide to Clean Your Gaming Chair: 8 Steps for Cleaning Your Gaming Chair 

Now let’s dive into the guide to know how to clean a gaming chair step by step. Let’s get started. 

1. Identify the Material of Your Chair

The first step is to identify the type of material your chair is having. It is the most important step and the one which needs full attention as different types of upholsteries require different types of cleaning methods.  

For your ease, we are jotting down the four most common types of material that are widely found in gaming chairs. 

  • PU Leathers 
  • Mesh 
  • Fabric  
  • PVC Leather 

Never skip this step before start cleaning your gaming chair. This will help you in avoid damaging your very expensive gaming chair. And by identifying the material of your gaming chair, you can somehow make a strategic approach for cleaning it efficiently.  

If you are unable to identify the material on your own, you can surely find it on the product label. There might be additional accessories with your gaming chair, like an armrest, holder of a cup, and wheelbase.  

These additional accessories are usually made up of plastic and are comparatively easier to clean. But however, you must ensure to check its material too to avoid any inconvenience in cleaning your gaming chair. 

2. Gather All the Cleaning Essentials

The next step is to gather all the ingredients of the recipe for cleaning your gaming chair. Following is the list of things you should gather before starting the cleaning session of your gaming chair. 

  • A bucket full of warm water 
  • A clean rag, but always make sure to use the rag that you won’t mind disposing of after the cleaning of your gaming chair. 
  • The sponges 
  • Brushes of multiple sizes 
  • Any kind of cleaning agent according to the material of your gaming chair. Most probably you can use dish detergent and rubbing alcohol for cleaning your gaming chair. 

These are the essentials you should gather before arranging a session for cleaning your gaming chair. Moreover, cleaning agents like dish detergents are very easy to use and helpful in cleaning your gaming chair. You can mix dish detergent with warm water to remove all the stains and dirt from your chair.  

However, if the stains are harder and not easy to remove, then you must need rubbing alcohol to wipe them. 

3. Vacuum the Upholstery of the Gaming Chair

From this step onwards, the process of cleaning your gaming chair actually starts. The first main step to cleaning your gaming chair is very basic. You need to vacuum the upholstery of your gaming chair to get clean from any dirt particles.  

Most gamers prefer to have snacks while playing games. And these snack particles somehow managed to rest in the corner of your gaming chair. So while cleaning your gaming chair, it is important to vacuum out all these remaining food particles to prevent your chair from ants and other insects.  

Vacuuming also depends on the type of material your chair is composed of. If you are having upholstery with fabric or mesh, then a regular vacuum brush will work well for getting all the dirt out of your chair.  

And if you are having the material be PU leather or PVC, then you won’t even need a vacuum cleaner. You can just dust it by using a microfiber cloth. This step should be done on a regular basis or at least once a week to maintain the optimal condition of your gaming chair.  

4. Clean the Upholstery with a Solvent Solution 

The next most important step is to clean the upholstery of your gaming chair to remove any stains and spills from the surface of your gaming chair. But before proceeding to this step, you must ensure to check the care tag of your gaming chair.  

These care tags are usually placed on the back of your gaming chair. If you cannot find it there, then try to check it on the manufacturer’s guide. These care tags will guide you about which kind of cleaning solution you can easily use for cleaning your gaming chair.  

Let’s say the care tag of your gaming chair shows the alphabet “S”. Then it means you should clean the upholstery with a solvent-based solution to remove all the stains and spills. If the care tag shows you the “W” mark, it is recommended to use any water-based solution for cleaning your gaming chair.  

However, if your care tag is indicating “S/W”, then you can either use a solvent-based solution or a water-based solution, depending on your choice and convenience.  

Mostly the chairs with faux leather have a “W” mark on them. For W mark, you can have a little bit of dish soap with warm water to make a water-based cleaning solution for your gaming chair.  

In most cases, the upholstery of the chair gets damaged while cleaning it with solutions. So you should make sure to use a suitable solution. Moreover, to avoid any kind of damage you should take some precautions before cleaning your gaming chair.  

Let’s say if your upholstery is made up of artificial leather, you should make use of soft sponges to prevent it from damaging. If the material is mesh, then make sure to blot it very gently. Never try to rub the upholstery if it is made up of mesh material.  

And for the upholstery with fabric, you can scrub it using brushes to remove any kind of spills or stains from it. After this step, you could notice a clear difference in your chair. It could be considered somehow clean.  

But this is not enough, there are some more steps for cleaning your gaming chair to the full extent.  

5. Let’s Remove the Tougher Stains

Now let’s tighten your belts as the most difficult step comes on the road of cleaning your gaming chair. The next step is to fight the tougher stains. If you find it difficult or even impossible to remove the tougher stains by using cleaning solutions. Then you just need to spot clean your upholstery.  

For spot cleaning, take a piece of cotton and dip it in a small amount of rubbing alcohol. But wait! Before starting spot cleaning, make sure it won’t damage your upholstery. But are you confused about how to test it? Don’t worry! We have an amazing idea.  

First, clean any side of the upholstery of your gaming chair which is out of sight. If rubbing alcohol does not damage or harm that particular area, then use it on the tougher stains. You should gently rub or blot the cotton dipped in rubbing alcohol to the tougher stains, to make sure they got clean without damaging the upholstery of your gaming chair.  

Never forget to be very gentle with the upholstery composed of mesh material to prevent any damage. The excessive use of rubbing alcohol can dry the material of your upholstery and can affect the life span of your gaming chair. So make sure to only use rubbing alcohol on the stains that are actually harder to remove.  

Also, you should clean all the stains and spills instantly as the longer you will leave them, the harder it would get to remove them. 

6. Wash the Remaining Accessories

After cleaning the upholstery of your gaming chair, now it is time to wash the remaining accessories of your gaming chair. The armrest, wheelbase, and frame are the most common additional accessories of gaming chairs. 

Cleaning your gaming chair means cleaning it to the full extent. The upholstery and all the remaining accessories should be cleaned in the cleaning session of your gaming chair.  Cleaning the other accessories is much easier than cleaning the upholstery.  

You just need a piece of cloth or a soft sponge or even cotton can be useful for this purpose. A bowl of warm water with the mild detergent mixed with it is another requirement for this step. 

You can then easily wash the surface of the armrest, the frame, and the base with a mixture of water and mild detergent and then dry it using a paper towel or dry cloth. Now, these accessories are good to go.  

But wait! It is not done yet. There are a few more steps to get to the optimal condition of your gaming chair.  

7. Cleaning the Casters

The next turn on the road of cleaning your gaming chair is to clean the casters and tighten up any loose screws. This step is a bit irritating as the caster wheel gathers lots of hair and debris in them. These tangled hair and debris are so much difficult and annoying to get rid of.  

For cleaning the caster wheels, the first step is to turn upside down your gaming chair. After that grab a crevice tool. With the help of a crevice tool, clean the inside of your caster wheels. After gathering all the hairs and debris from the caster wheel, you can now move to the outer side of the caster wheels.  

For the outer side, it is wise to use a cloth with any surface cleaner to clean any dirt particles resting on them and to make your wheel shiny and clean. If your casters need more deep cleaning, then you should have the small piece of cotton dipped in rubbing alcohol and then reach inside the crevice.  

Now you are good to go with cleaning. But never forget to tighten any loose screws to ensure the optimal performance of your gaming chair. It won’t consume much time but it is worth retightening your gaming chair’s screws. 

Moreover, if you feel any squeaking in your gaming chair, you can make use of any lubricant, most probably WD-40.  

8. Enjoy Your Gaming Sessions

After all this chaos, now you are finally good to go and can enjoy your comfy gaming sessions. The final turn to the road of cleaning your gaming chair is to sit on it and start gaming. Now your chair would be looking like a brand new piece straight out of the shop. 


To summarize this whole guide, we have jotted down all the basic steps for your ease.  

  1. Start with identifying the material of your upholstery.  
  1. Now gather all the accessories you would be needing in cleaning your gaming chair.  
  1. Begin with dusting your upholstery. 
  1. Move towards the cleaning solutions to get all the stains or spills out of the way. 
  1. After removing all the regular spills, now move towards the tougher stains using rubbing alcohol.  
  1. After the upholstery, let’s jump to the remaining accessories of the gaming chair like the armrest, wheelbase, etc. 
  1. The next step is to move forward to clean the caster wheels and retighten all the loose screws. 
  1. The last step is to enjoy your game. Hurray! 

Hope you found this guide to be informative and handy! 

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